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Project Description

Welcome to the Password Generator Project. Using this page you can generate random passwords to your own specification. The length slider will decide the length of the password. Password type can be either "Standard" for all the combination of the keyboard or "Simple", which does not include commonly confusing characters (for example '0' / 'o' / 'O' or 'l' / 'i' / 1). You can customise the passwords subcomponents using the "More Settings" Button.

This Page is a front end to two different password generating APIs. One created by Tim Cane and the other by Thomas Cope.

Tim's Stack:

  • C# (.Net Core)
  • MySQL

Tom's Stack:

  • C++ (RestBed Library for HTTP Routing)
  • Custom Database Connection Pooling Substem
  • PostgreSQL
  • Datapower Gateway for Request Limiting and Monitoring

Please note: Passwords generated using this tool are stored along with their generation metadata. Additional, passwords are generated in a "relativity" secure manor. Using Windows Crypto Service for Tims Stack and Linux /dev/urandom for Toms Stack. Cryptography Secure "True" Random Passwords are NOT insured.

Built by Tim.